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If your WordPress website has been hacked, don’t panic

1. Make sure your site is still online.
If your website is offline, it means the attacker is trying to prevent you from recovering it. In that case, contact your hosting provider to see if they can restore your site from a backup.
2. Change all your passwords, including your database password, your FTP password, and your hosting account password.
If you use the same password everywhere, the attacker can gain access to all your accounts.
3. Check your site for malware.
Malware can be used to steal information from your visitors or to redirect traffic to another website. Use a free malware scanner to check if your website is infected.
4. Check your site’s file permissions.
Some attackers modify file permissions so they can make changes to your site. Make sure your files have the correct permissions and change them if necessary.
5. Update your WordPress.
If you are using an old version of WordPress, your site is more likely to be hacked. Whenever a new version is released, update your WordPress to keep your site safe.

Follow these steps to prevent your WordPress from being hacked again:

1. Install a security plugin.
There are several WordPress security plugins available that can help protect your site from attacks.
2. Keep your WordPress updated.
Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, update your site to keep it safe.
3. Use a strong password.
Choose a password that is difficult to guess and don’t use the same password on all your sites.
4. Make regular backups of your site.
If your site is hacked, you can restore your site from a backup.

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